Contracted Building Wiring Systems

Enhanced Category 5 Cat5e, Category 6 Cat6, Augmented Category 6 Cat6A Category 7 Cat7 and Category 8 Cat8

  • Network Cabling
    • Enhanced Category 5 (Cat5e), Category 6 (Cat6), Augmented Category 6 (Cat6A)
    • Category 7 (Cat7) and Category 8 (Cat8) Data Center Cabling for 40GbE and beyond.
    • Fiber Optic – Laser-Optimized OM3 / OM4 Multimode, OS2 Singlemode,
      • 10GbE – 40GbE – 100 GbE
    • Data, Voice, Image, Converged IT, VoIP, PoE, WiFi, BYOD and the Internet of Things
  • Digital Antenna Systems (DAS)
    • Building First Responders Systems, enabling communication in the event of emergencies.
    • Cell Antenna Repeaters
  • Telephony
    • Business Telephone Systems are changing in today’s high-paced, dynamic environment. Voice over IP (VoIP), Cell Integration, Messaging are all overlapping and require integration and attention to detail. Through our partner alliances, we can meet your changing needs.
  • Audio-Visual Systems
    • Proprietary Cabling through HDBase-T Standards-Based Networks
    • Coaxial, UTP and F/UTP through Fiber Systems
    • Overhead Mass-Notification Systems (Paging Systems)
    • Partners to provide AV Equipment
      • Screens, Projectors, Monitors, Boards, Media Storage and Retrieval – Integrated Technology
      • Sound Enhancement Systems
      • Room Scheduling
  • Sound Masking Systems
    • White Noise to limit intelligibility of non-direct conversations, or to limit sound in "quiet" environments, such as call centers.
    • May be integrated with Mass-Notification Systems, Paging Systems, Background Music, etc.
  • Security Systems
    Security Systems, Access Controls, Site Monitoring, CCTV

    • Access Controls
      • Card / Fob / Code / Bio Systems
      • Perimeter Security
      • Personnel Restrictions / Authorization
    • Site Monitoring
      • Unauthorized Entrance / Area
      • Alarms
    • CCTV Systems
      • MegaPixel IP cameras
      • Network Video Recorders

Design/Build Services

  • Cradle-to-Grave
  • Network Cabling: we will perform a sit-down with you to discuss what your network needs are at the user level. How many network connections per Station, where and how many stations are needed – and identify all the details necessary for people to utilize the space they are in from a technology perspective.