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Covid- 19 has caused paralyzing uncertainty to many industries throughout the last several months.  Linecom has made it our number one priority to stay up to date on the latest information to ensure a safe and effective continuation of work.  Inside the office we maintain safe and sanitized, socially distant working environments.  Each employee is provided with the opportunity to be in-office with ample space and appropriate PPE.  Technology updates have also allowed for the opportunity to successfully “work from home” if an employee is compromised or requires quarantine. In the field, Linecom continues to be in close communication with our industry and union leaders to stay current and effective with our communication regarding protocols and precautions. North America’s Building Trade Unions have issued specific guidelines to protect construction professionals from contracting and spreading the virus.  According to IBEW President Lonnie R. Stephenson CDC guidance and guidelines have been taken very seriously and to heart from the start. “We’re thankful that our building trades partners are on the case alongside us, advising all of us in the industry about working as safely as possible during this complicated and rapidly evolving world crisis.”   

All Linecom employees have completed a COVID 360 training course to promote awareness and prevention in the workplace.  360 Training is the nation’s leader in providing online regulatory-approved training to improve workplace safety.  The course aims to abolish misinformation about coronavirus, its symptoms, and how it spreads. The goal is to equip individuals with a fundamental overview of coronavirus, advice to employers on how to combat the virus, and information on practicing preventative measures like self-isolation and social-distancing.  “These are unprecedented times for all of us, specifically in small business,” says Linecom president Michael Ryan.  “Our priority is to keep all of our employees working.  We have asked each employee to take these precautions very seriously by keeping their circles small and limiting extracurricular activities that involve large groups of people.” 

Click here for The National Electrical Contractor’s Association’s (NECA) COVID-19 Resource Center

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