Our Projects

Our Projects 

We aim to complete every project on time and according to industry-leading standards. 

Contractors and project management firms come back to Linecom again and again. They know they can rely on our team’s technical skills and organization for all types of cabling and network infrastructure jobs. 

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UPDATE CONTENT –  This is where we want to populate a preview of the latest projects completed and feature a nice range of project type, industry and job size. To do this we will need high-quality images, company name, link, completion date, and description of each project. 

Camden Tower 

Linecom was chosen to furnish and install the entire telecommunications cabling infrastructure consisting of augmented category 6 (Cat6A) and category 6 (Cat6) horizontal cabling, fiberoptic and multi-pair UTP backbone cabling. The project included fitting out the telecommunications room and building out a server room with rack-to-rack fiberoptic interconnections. Additionally, we installed the security systems comprised of closed-circuit television (CCTV), building and property access controls, and intrusion detection. 

Abington Campus New Dormitory 

Linecom furnished and installed the telecommunications cabling infrastructure with category 6 (Cat6) voice/data and coaxial cabling for CATV horizontal cabling systems, fiberoptic, multi-pair UTP and coaxial backbone cabling. Our work included fitting out the telecommunications distributor rooms. We also worked with their security contractor to furnish and install access control and CCTV infrastructure cabling, and install the security devices. 

Pennsylvania State University 


Camden New Practice Facility and Office Building 

Our company acted as the installation arm for the A/V systems contractor for both the practice facility and corporate offices. Linecom’s scope included the installation of augmented category 6 (Cat6A) shielded cables for signaling, sound systems for the locker rooms and practice gyms. In conference centers and meeting rooms, our techs installed signal cabling and devices for integrated video systems including Apple TV and CATV boxes, ceiling-mounted projectors, drop-down video screens and wall-mounted monitors. We also installed all the digital signage monitors and video screens and cabling. 

Philadelphia 76ers 


Lawrence Campus New Office Building 

Linecom worked as a subcontractor to the general contractor. Our role was to furnish and install the telecommunications cabling infrastructure consisting of augmented category 6 (Cat6A) horizontal cabling, fiberoptic and multi-pair UTP backbone cabling. We also fitted out the telecommunications distributor rooms and built out a server room including rack-to-rack fiberoptic interconnections. Additionally, we installed the owner-furnished wireless network radio devices. We also installed infrastructure cabling for the DAS system, as well as security systems comprised of CCTV, access control devices, and intrusion detection. In addition, we worked with their audio-visual contractor to install the A/V systems in the rooms requiring sound and visual enhancement. 

Bristol Myers Squibb 


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